Opening event for T.OS first official exchange
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  • May 29, 2018
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Opening event for T.OS first official exchange




Hello. We are T.OS.

Thank you everyone who loves and supports T.OS.

As we promised to our investors, we have officially launched the first cryptocurrency exchange where T.OS payment system will be enabled later, through a collaboration with a corporation in Singapore.

T.OS is holding a very special event to celebrate the successful opening of the Singapore exchange.

T.OS has laid foundation for further advancement of T.OS payment system by opening its first official exchange. We will become a trustworthy leader in the cryptocurrency market with our excellent technology.

T.OS will set a new standard in the crypto market. 





*When: June 1st ~June 20th

*For who: New member of Singapore exchange and any twitter user.

*How to join the event


Event 1) KNOCKCOIN Event for new members

1.     Access to knockcoin.io, T.OS first official exchange.

2.     We will give 30 T.OS coins for free to those who subscribe for the membership.




Event 2) Event for new T.OS twitter followers

1.     Follow T.OS official twitter on your twitter account

2.     Please retweet the event page

3.     And send your wallet address and ID to T.OS official email, we will give 20 T.OS coins for free.



-You need to install T.OS wallet to join the event. Please refer to T.OS official website for wallet installation. (https://tosblock.com/)

-Please ask any questions about the event on the admin email of T.OS. (admin@tosblock.com)