TOS Coin has successfully ended its unique ICO event
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  • April 19, 2018
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TOS Coin has announced that its FREE ICO event has successfully ended. (on the date of release)
The event was held from March 26th~30th on its event-only website, garnering a huge attention before its start due to a unique method of ICO. 

Those who want to join the ICO event must install TOS wallet application and access to TOS ICO website every 2 pm during the event period. They can finish registration by clicking ‘TOS Coin Registration’ button and enter TOS wallet address and e-mail address. 






On the 1st day of ICO event, on March 26th, 111 people received 555 TOS and on the 2nd day, 222 people got 444 TOS, 3rd day, 333 TOS for 333 people and 4th day, 222 TOS for 555 people. And on the last day of the event, on 30th March, 111 TOS was offered to 1,111 people. 

TOS ICO event which was held globally, supported 4 different languages including English and Chinese and 130,000 people from more than 90 countries participated in the event. 
The first-come, first-served event ended within 30 seconds from the start on the 1st day of the event, proving its huge popularity and showing how fierce the competition was. 

TOS Coin said it is working on to list TOS on global exchanges from April and is planning to implement diverse marketing strategies in order to attract users and partnering merchants. It has signed MOU with KENTO’S Japan and Korea’s Federation of Professional Economic person Societies (FPS) for further cooperation. It noted that it is making effort to partner with more companies and groups in order for the TOS system to be used in real commercial transaction. 






“I never expected that the event would end within 30 seconds and I was quite shocked to see such great interest from participants.” said a TOS Coin official who hosted the event. “We will lead the blockchain industry by creating new innovations that can change the whole paradigm and will stay connected to our users by providing various kinds of channels through which we can communicate with them.” added the official. 

TOS Coin is a cryptocurrency that utilizes transparency and publicness of a public blockchain system while adopting fast transaction speed of a private blockchain system in order to be used in a real payment system. TOS Coin is operated within the TOS payment system that consists of TOS wallet, merchants and exchanges. TOS is a cryptocurrency that any user can use and it is differentiated from other cryptocurrencies by its separate cryptocurrency in a private blockchain system called TOSP (Payable TOS) which is built in its payment process.