TOS is a blockchain-based digital token and it aims to advance into
a new payment system market by adopting digital currency system.
How do I use TOS Coin?
What is TOS?
Concept for TOS Payment System
Almost all digital tokens are not welcomed as a means of payment in real transactions, because their prices fluctuate too much, and it takes too long to complete a transaction with those tokens.
TOS payment system uses an internally-accepted private coin called TOSP which is not traded in digital currency exchanges and has a fixed value. Those who have TOSP can convert it to TOS or vice versa, taking into consideration of the exchange rate of TOSP and TOS. (The value of TOSP is fixed while that of TOS changes in the market. Thus, the exchange rate of TOSP and TOS may change.) TOSP is a coin with optimized features for fast data processing and payment system.
TOS is a digital currency payment system that can meet the demands of real commercial market.
Real-Time Data Processing
The number of TOS transactions per second is 10 times more than that of Bitcoin, and approximately 3 times more than Ethereum, which means TOS is optimized for payment system. TOSp is about 14 times faster than TOS in the real world.
Toscoin Wallets
Toscoin is securely sored in a wallet on your PC and mobile device.
Select your OS then download proper wallet application.
How to use TosCoin?
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